Public and private companies must ensure your critical business data is protected. You’ll see significant results in implementing a compliance solution: easier and faster access to both programs and data for users, lower overhead, and robust reporting that details exactly what each user can do.

We’re a Gold Partner for AllOut Security, Inc., the leading provider of security and system administration solutions specifically for the JD Edwards market. This makes us uniquely positioned to offer our clients security tools that reduce workload and cost of upgrade, as well as greatly simplify the ongoing management of security and compliance. Remote CNC Services helps companies implement JD Edwards security best practices through its Security Assessment service. From the early days of a simple SOX reporting solution, AllOut’s products have now grown to incorporate functionality for Security Officers, CNC, System Administrators, Application Leads, Auditors and much more.

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  • Security Implementation and Management
  • Segregation of Duties Management & Auditing
  • Security & Compliance Reporting
  • ALLOut Security Product Training – Onsite & Remote
  • Security or Compliance project consulting
  • Implement a Segregation of Duties compliance
  • Implement mitigating controls for compliance reporting
  • Create Business Process based security roles
  • Implement security best practices to reduce or eliminate conflicts between roles
  • Review, identify, and eliminate duplicate security settings between roles and *PUBLIC
  • Review current roles and provide recommendations for improvements
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