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Cloud Services

It’s all about the CLOUD

cloud-iconOur high-tech expertise in management, design, and implementation are designed to reduce total IT costs as well as to enable your business team to focus on its core competencies. We stay up-to-date with the latest in VMWare, Cisco Nexus Switching, TruNAS Storage, and provide software version control to enable proactive monitoring and management of your environment with top tier response times.

Providing you the cloud solution that meets your precise goals for functionality, scalability and agility will give you the peace of mind you need when moving to the cloud.

Let Remote CNC Services become an extension of your current IT department.

Our Cloud Services specializes in servicing the needs of our mid to large-size customer base. With a customizable Cloud solution, you can rest assured that we provide a service that simplifies the hosting of servers and applications with complete data center capabilities including security, firewalls, and most importantly:

Rapidly migrate your infrastructure to the cloud

Spin-up or spin-down servers, on the fly

Accelerate time-to-market; experiment with new projects with less risk

Modify configurations, including memory, storage, and compute power

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory

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