It's all about the CLOUD

Our high-tech expertise in management, design, and implementation will reduce total IT costs, and allow your business to focus on its core competencies. We stay up to date with the latest in VMWare, Cisco Nexus Switching, TruNAS Storage, and provide software version control to enable proactive monitoring and management of your environment with top tier response times.
Let Remote CNC Services become an extension of your current IT department.
Our Cloud services specialize in meeting the needs of our customer base. With a customizable Cloud solution, we provide a service that simplifies the hosting of servers and applications with complete data center capabilities, including security, firewalls, and most importantly:
  • Rapidly migrate your infrastructure to the cloud
  • Spin-up or spin-down servers, on the fly
  • Accelerate time-to-market; experiment with new projects with less risk
  • Modify configurations, including memory, storage, and compute power
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory

Why Host With Us?

  • 3 autonomous power sources from 3 separate grids
  • Zero down time through technology, monitoring and redundancy
  • 5 communication/internet providers ensure continuous connectivity
  • Our flexible options mean that you only pay for the resources you need each month
Private cloud hosting is ideal for organizations who seek the flexibility of the cloud combined with security of a private environment, dedicated to your data only. Private cloud hosting is a managed cloud solution, built on dedicated infrastructure and house in the data center.
Public cloud hosting offers organizations the flexibility to manage applications from a virtual environment by our professional partners. Our public cloud is a great option when lock-and-key security isn’t ultimately necessary.
Hybrid cloud hosting is a custom designed infrastructure, combining elements of both the private and public cloud solutions and allowing for a balance of ultimate security and flexibility by shared infrastructure.
Hamilton, Ohio is the ideal location for a data center because of its utilities, access to workforce and proximity to major markets. Above all, what truly sets Hamilton apart is its green, low-cost utilities. Hamilton owns and operates all four major utilities: electric, natural gas, water and wastewater.

Hamilton power is among the most affordable providers of utilities in the country. Due to long-term investments in hydroelectric, Hamilton has 70% renewable energy as of 2015. This low-cost power provides its customers with highly competitive and stable rates compared to other providers in the country.
With just a flip of a switch, Hamilton power can disconnect from the national power grid and autonomously operate, giving it the unique feature of a ‘black start’ utility. High availability and the option to generate their own power or buy from the grid makes Hamilton the ideal place for hungry data centers.
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